There are good and bad people in every profession. Electricians have an important job and most of them follow strict work ethics. However, there are always a few little who bring a bad name to the entire industry. The same is the case with electricians. While most of them will give honest advice and try to save you money, some might try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge about the work and get more money out of you. To make sure you don’t fall victim to such people, here are a few things you should know about the way they might scam you. 

Request Upfront Money

Some people ask you to pay upfront money. They visit you and ask for money before they will start working. Some will ask you to pay them before they visit you. Professional electricians don’t charge you upfront. 

They might inform you that they will charge a fee for the visit even if the work is not that big. But, they will come visit you, do their work, and then ask for the fee. After all, they had to make time, drive to you and inspect the problem. If the problem wasn’t that big, it doesn’t mean that their time should be wasted. They still solved a problem for you. 

No Online Presence

Scammers don’t have one identity and no online presence. When they show their business on the internet, people can write reviews about their experiences. This is something they won’t want if they know that they will only get reviews.

They don’t want their victims to inform their potential victims. It’s no longer the time when the internet is a new technology for anyone. You don’t need an IT degree to add your business on Google My Business. Anyone can do this. This is why you will find that a good electrician even has a website where he is easily approachable to anyone. 

Ask for Complete Rewiring

Scammer electricians try to show the problem is bigger than it is. One of the best ways for them to make money is by replacing your entire wiring network. They will come up with a reason why there are so many problems and how you won’t be able to live in the house without new wiring. Not only will they get paid for the service of the rewiring, they will also get a commission for the store where you will buy those new wires. 

Take More Time than Needed

To show that the problem is far more serious, they will take a lot more time than needed. They will start checking unnecessary things and open things where they have no purpose. All to show that you are trying to figure something out because the issues are not limited to just one place. This way, they charge you for more hours, and it’s easier to sell that there are more problems. It’s due to their scamming habits they will also be reluctant to show their license.