Who wants their Amazon sellers or buyers account being suddenly suspended, is very stressful and may feel disoriented. You depend on the company and its operations for earnings or for easy reach of numerous products. It reduces your options if you are unable to access your account. 

The good news is that Amazon doesn’t completely shut down an account and they allow for an appeal, if you think that your Amazon seller account was wrongfully suspended. While you may be unable to get Amazon to reinstate your account privileges, you may succeed in explaining the issues that led to your suspension, and this may work in your favor. Read on, for this guide will take you through everything you need to know regarding an Amazon account suspension appeal.

I am going to try and explain why your amazon account has been suspended.

The first thing that should be done is always to attempt to find out as to why your account was suspended. When Amazon suspended you, you should have received an email from them detailing their problems with your account’s behavior. Try to notice what is troublesome in this email, just give it a quick read and see what you can spot. 

Common reasons for Amazon account suspensions include:Common reasons for Amazon account suspensions include:

  • – Measures that contradict policy concerning the prohibited product listings 
  • – Other claims of products which are fake or are infringing on the patent holder’s rights
  • – Some problems relate to logistics are late shipments of products and difficulty in order fulfillment 
  • – Exploiting promotions and pricing policies
  • – Reviewing by suspicious accounts or faking positive feedback
  • – Some unsavory characters have tried to game the search rankings or A9 algorithms.
  • – Incidents of non-compliance with payments policy, for example refund/charge

If you still have questions about why your Amazon seller account has been suspended after reading the notification email provided to you, you are welcome to contact Amazon seller support for more explanation before filing an appeal. It can be more useful if you want to deal with the issues which Amazon has in order to provide a detailed answer.

Gathering Evidence for The Appeal  

If you need to fight the Amazon account suspension, the only thing you can do is to prove that the data provided by Amazon is false. 

For instance, if you are one being accused of selling fake goods, then you will be in a position to prove that the products are original by presenting copies of invoices from the manufacturer or wholesaler. If late shipping was the problem, then provide data that your fulfillment rates are in line with the Amaron expectations.

The evidence needed will therefore depend on the circumstances existing. But you should gather as much of the following as possible to attach to your appeal:But you should gather as much of the following as possible to attach to your appeal:  

  • – Sales invoices, carriers’ receipts or other customs documents confirming the genuineness of the products to the original buyer
  • – Actual shipping/fulfillment rates over the period of interest
  • – Evidence that verifies sources for products reviews/feedbacks
  • – Documents that indicate there was no attempt to manipulate the search/ranking results. 
  • – That there is adequate proof that the refund policies, pricing, etc have been fixed

Writing Your Appeal Letter for the Amazon Account Suspension  

Armed with this evidence, you will write a professional appeal letter to Amazon as shown below: This is your opportunity to explain why you feel that your account should be active again and that they should allow you back. 

Your appeal letter should include the following key elements:Your amazon account appeal service letter should include the following key elements:

  1. 1. Account Background – Try to add some color by briefly sharing your background either as a seller or a buyer of products on Amazon. How much time you have spent on the site, how often you visit the site, etc. What are the types of products that u offer or acquire? This puts you in good standing with Amazon for most of the violations up to the particular one that they are pinpointing you for.
  2. Consequently, we shall proceed with explaining the issue by providing a factual timeline of the incidents that led to the account suspension as stated by Amazon. Describe how these activities were considered a breach of Amazon’s policies: 
  3. Your Side of the Story – Upload documents, records, and any other evidence that tell a different story from the events that Amazon has presented regarding the suspension of your account. Present excuses for the activity that Amazon deemed as improper in a way that would make the activity seem reasonable or acceptable. The aim is to shift the perception of these worrisome occurrences so that the threat to your side of the story is lessened.  
  4. Corrective Measures: The measures that you have benchmarked should be outlined to ensure that Amazon does not reoccur with their policy violation concerns in the future. Support these insights with new shipping rate as a supporting file or any new product documentation. Come out and explain that you know where you went wrong on the issue of compliance and you have implemented measures to correct the mistake. This helps demonstrate to Amazon that you are willing to play by the book and only use their services in a legitimate manner.
  5. Reinstating The Account – Conclusion your appeal letter by formally requesting Amazon to reinstate your seller or buyer privileges as per the reasons and or/proofs you have presented. Make sure to remind them that this is not part of your company’s usual business and that you have a very good record in terms of different policies. Ensure you state that corrective measures have been put in place to ensure that a repeat of the violation is prevented.  

It can also assist to conclude on a prospect where you state its importance to your living or how much you appreciate being a client of Amazon. The fact that it mentions the name establishes more of an emotional connection to the relationship for an Amazon rep reading your appeal.  

Filing Your Appeal and Waiting for the Answer from Amazon  

After you have consolidated your Amazon account appeal, then you can file through the Case Management link in the suspension letter sent to you by Amazon. The full appeals process includes:The full appeals process includes:  

  1. You will fill an Appeals Registration Form to show that you would like to appeal the account suspension decision that Amazon has made. 
  2. It is expected that within 72 hours of your initial appeal, you should receive an acknowledgment of the appeal including how you can upload your full written appeal argument along with any supporting evidence to Amazon through the case management system.    
  3. The decision of appeal shall be communicated to the nature of the review made by the Amazon reviewers who will decide on the need to reinstate the account privileges of the user within sixty days. But decisions, unfortunately, do not always wait for such a situation and are made much earlier than this.
  4. If your account is to be reinstated, you will receive an email informing you of the decision and any conditions of the reversal as well as additional measures that shall be taken to ensure better compliance so that such incidences do not happen again.
  5. If the first appeal is denied, Amazon may allow the seller one more appeal after which the case can be considered closed. But the subsequent appeals are more challenging as the chances of overturning the suspension are rather bleak.  

It is wise to inform your customers ahead of time about the possibility of having delayed shipments or any inconvenience when ordering products when your account is under appeal. This way, the expectations of the employees are contained and any other complaints that would act as barriers to the process of reinstating the employees are checked.  

Choosing an Amazon appeal agency

Considering the gravity of the problem in relation to the permanent account suspension, many sellers or buyers seek help from an Amazon appeals agency to enhance their chances of victory. 

These eCommerce specific customer service firms have a deep understanding of how the Amazon Seller Performance division operates. They take care of gathering all the required paperwork as well as writing professional and enticing appeals. Above all, they know what kind of information works in activating the Amazon reviewer, and thus their appeal success rates are above 75% in many cases.

The other expense to mention in relation to the use of an Amazon appeals agency is the costs of hiring them, which quickly accrue, as most firms charge $200 or more per appeal. Plus added expenses if you need consultative advisory support in gathering evidence or implementing better account compliance mechanisms.

Consider the pros and cons of hiring additional support versus the potential profit or business you are missing out on as your account continues to be nonexistent. Since reversals can be a high volume selling job, the knowledge that an agency has in reversing an Amazon suspension might be worth its weight in gold. But small operators may still get themselves reinstated if they choose to self-lobby well enough.

In Conclusion  

The fact that an Amazon seller or buyer account has been suspended and the account is then successfully reinstated through the appeal process is a unique endeavor. Nevertheless, studying all the rules of Amazon in detail, collecting papers that fully deny their claims, and preparing a step-by-step plan for writing an appeal, you can force them to return your rights. 

Make sure you are fully compliant with Amazon rules and procedures (even if this means having to change existing processes) and be sure to make a point of this during messages. By constantly fighting and making efforts, the majority of the merchants and customers can overcome a biased Amazon suspension.